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Canaan Fir – The Canaan fir is quickly becoming the tree of choice.  It closely resembles the Fraser fir, which has long been a favorite choice for a Christmas Tree.  The Canaan fir has firm branches, perfect for hanging heavier ornaments.  Needle retention is excellent, adding to the popularity of the Canaan fir. 

Concolor Fir – Characterized by soft, bluish gray needles and a pleasing citrus aroma. Many people think this tree has the best overall fragrance .  Needle retention is very good, making the Concolor fir a great Christmas Tree.

Norway Spruce – A short needled tree with more spacing between the branches.  Needle retention for the Norway is average, so most growers recommend this tree to be purchased later in the Christmas season.

Black Hills Spruce – A tree boasting a naturally pyramidal shape with stout branches.  It has bright green to bluish needles.  The needles are short, with needle retention better than other spruces.

Eastern White Pine –Not ready, growing in the field.

Remember, Real Christmas Trees make scents!!